Onglematic Guillotines 5 (CO5P+)

Onglematic Guillotines 5 (CO5P+)

Manual cutting, Cutting of unbound sheets. Guillotine-Onglematic 5 A4, Tab-cutter Model 5 (CO5P+)

  • With the Guillotine-Onglematic 5P+ : 
    The tabs are shared along the document:. The positioning stop moves from one spot to the following thanks to the numerical keyboard.
    - They can be either equally shared or cut in programmable positions. 
    - On all formats up to 320 mm, 
    - According to the requested number of tabs (from 2 to 31).


Tab No: 2 - 31
Format Sheet Size: on all formats up to 320mm
Positioning: Electric
No. of Sheets 80g: 10 - 15
Size & Weight: 45 x 58 x 30 cm and 10 kg

  • Storage of up to 64 programs
  • Manual cutting by using simple pressure on the handle
  • Can cut 10-15 sheets of 80 g. paper at once (or equivalent in 180 g, 250 g, 500 g, cardboard & polypropylene)
  • Length of guillotine cutting : 320 mm
  • Width of the documents from 70mm (for CO5)
  • Magnetic lateral stop and millimetre rule.
  • Tab depth up to 18 mm (12,7 or 15 mm for inclined double round corner).
  • 220 V mains supply for the Guillotine-OnglĂ©matic 5.
  • CO3 and CO5 available for the US market upon request. Paper size : 8,5 " (216 mm) and 11" (279 mm) and 110 V.


NB: the different cutting shapes are not interchangeable on these models. The tab shape must be chosen upon order.

Standard (15° angle)

90° angle

Round corner

Up to 18 mm

Up to 18 mm

Up to 18 mm




Inclined double round corner

Inclined round corner



12,7 or 15 mm

Up to 18 mm


Price    All pricing by quotation.

Onglematic Guillotines 5 (CO5P+)

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