Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4

Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4

Electrical cutting,

Cutting of bound documents or unbound sheets

  • The Onglematics 7 allow cutting of bound documents or unbound sheets.
  • To cut already bound documents : use the removable clamping device
    To cut unbound sheets : use the flat table













  • The Onglematic 7 models are electrical index cutting machines, making it possible to easily and quickly cut tabs, dividers, indexes.
  • This index cutting machine allows you to create your indexes or tab dividers on books, booklets and loose sheets. It actually allows you to cut bound documents and unbound sheets.
  • You can choose among 4 Onglematics 7 models, according to the formats and quantities of sheets you want to cut (see characteristics).



Tab No: 2 - 31
Format (Sheet Size): 210 or 297mm
No. of Sheets 80g: 20 - 25
Size & Weight: 70 x 52 x 96 cm and 45 kg

  • Digital Adjustment
  • Automatic cutting by foot switch activation
  • Automatic advance or or manual advance after each cut
  • Security : everybody works safety because there is no access to the blades
  • Productivity: A bound document of 10 chapters (about 150 pages) is cut in less than one minute
    :500 sets of 9 tabs are cut in less than 2hrs
  • 220 V Mains supply (110 V upon request)



15˚ angle inclined (standard). Optional (interchangeable) : 90˚ angle or round corners (appliance No. 2, 4, 5 or 6)

Standard (15° angle)

Appliance 1
90° angle

Appliance 2
Round corner

Up to 19 mm

Up to 19 mm

Up to 19 mm

Appliance 4
Double round corner

Appliance 5
Inclined double round corner

Appliance 6
Inclined round corner

10, 12, 14 or 17 mm

12,7 , 15 or 19 mm

Up to 19 mm

Price    All pricing by quotation.

Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4

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