Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4 GP

Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4 GP

Electrical cutting, Cutting of bound documents or unbound sheets



To cut already bound documents use the removable clamping device.
To cut unbound sheets use the flat table


Tab No: 2 - 31
Format (Sheet Size): 210 or 297mm
No. of Sheets 80g: 35 - 40
Size & Weight: 70 x 52 x 96 cm and 55 kg

  • Digital Adjustment
  • Automatic cutting by foot switch activation
  • Automatic advance or or manual advance after each cut
  • Security: everybody works safety because there is no access to the blades
  • Productivity: 500 sets of 9 tabs are cut in less than 1hr
  • 220 V Mains supply (110 V upon request)


Tab shape (download PDF spec sheet):

15˚ angle inclined (standard). Optional (interchangeable) : 90˚ angle or round corners (appliance No. 2, 4, 5 or 6)


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Onglematic Guillotines 7 (O7) 07A4 GP

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