Aero Cut 3 - Business Card Cutter and Paper/Card Creaser

Aero Cut 3 - Business Card Cutter and Paper/Card Creaser

Professional Business card cutter and paper/card creaser, AeroCut offers cut and crease finishing for any card sizes up to max: 365mm (W) x 520mm (L) paper. 

The Aerocut Multifunctional Auto business card cutter and creaser is great for all users doing cutting and creasing jobs by making Leaflets, Postcards, Business cards, Greeting cards, etc. Which are the main finishing jobs in a wide area of the market. 

The remarkable easy operation with touch screen may be an offering to save time and have an on-demand solution in any field such as printing houses, copy shops, implant printing sections, litho printers, franchise stores, etc. 


  • Touch screen for easy operation
  • Variety of patterns for up to 78 kinds of cutting options.
  • Customizable patterns can be created using the existing patterns as a platform to work from Auto paper size detection up to SRA3
  • Utra Creaser with a selectable creasing depth with a choice of 5 levels.
  • New finishing solutions on both digital and offset fields are offered by the Uchida AeroCut Auto Cutter and Creaser. All jobs, cutting, creasing and perforating are operated by use of the touch screen. This enables time saving, no complicated settings and specific knowledge required. With the high quality cutter, slittter and creaser you can complete finishing jobs on almost every kind of card.


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Aero Cut 3 - Business Card Cutter and Paper/Card Creaser

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