About Us


Arctec started up as a small family business in 1996 as an importer and distributor for print-finishing equipment. Unfortunately, the small to medium print market grew steadily smaller soon after Arctec commenced trading. The advent of the high-quality digital age meant that our product portfolio was no longer as indispensable as it was originally.

In 2000, a decision taken to broaden the product base into the packaging sector gave Arctec a new opportunity for growth. The addition of large-capacity packaging machines allowed our company to move into full packaging production automation. This is now our main business today. Everyone knows that any machine purchased is only as good as its operator and the service provided by the seller. In order to make sure that we give our customers the best possible service we have implemented a full ERP system in 2009.This now allows us full control over the entire business process. From the first phone-call you make to us - to the delivery of your machine; we track and trace everything.

If there are issues or call-outs or parts ordered for you, you can rest assured that it is being tracked as accurately as possible.

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