EBA 7260
(Demo Model)
The top-model guillotine with easy-cut, hydraulic clamp, programmable power backgauge, electronic control module and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table. 72cm Cutting width.
1 Unit in stock​.
Was - R 306,440.00
NOW - ​R 229,800.00
Trojan One & Secabo LC 30 Combo
TrojanOne prints 1600 dpi full color labels at 300 mm/sec, enabling in-house production of crisp color labels which gives your products added value and labels which optimizes your needs for traceability.

The LC30 is a roll-to-roll label cutter for fully automatic production of free-form labels and tags in short and medium quantities
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 361,500.00
NOW - ​R 299,000.00
Uchida AeroCut One
(New Release)
Business Card Slitter and Creaser, the AeroCut One, offers slit and crease finishing for digitally printed sheet sizes up to 370mm (w) x 520mm (l), 400gsm weight paper stock.
1 Unit in stock​.
Was - R 385,000.00
NOW - ​R 346,500.00
Uchida U-Booklet
(New Release)
The U-Booklet is a tabletop booklet-making machine, that automates stapling & folding documents. Anyone can produce professionally finished booklets by easy operation, in a few seconds.
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 27,500.00
NOW - R 23,375.00
Uchida Aerofold incl. Micro Perforation Blade (Demo Unit)
The Aerofold, due to its belt suction feeding system, can fold up to SRA3 size of various paper types such as offset, art, and digital printed paper stock.
1 Unit in stock​.
Was - R 88,950.00
NOW - R 69,000.00
Cyklos GPM 450 SA
(New Release)
The semi-automatic creasing and perforating machine with programmable control and a working width of 450mm.
3 Units in stock​.
Was - R71,460.00
NOW - ​R 49,500.00
Fastbind Pureva XT
(New Model)
The Fastbind Pureva XT Hot Melt Glue Binder offers digital finishing a compact and versatile all-in-one solution. For high-quality PUR and EVA production in perfect binding.
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 165,000.00
NOW - ​R 125,000.00
Fastbind Presso (Demo Model)
The Fastbind Presso™ is a completely new kind of product for creating high-quality grooves in hard-cover books.
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 29,600.00
NOW - R 19,200.00
Fastbind BooXter Trio (New Model)
The Fastbind BooXTer Binder transforms book binding, report making and photo book manufacturing into an easy and fast process.
The semi automatic Fastbind BooXTer Trio™ utilizes the same concept, electronic stapling, as other BooXTer series machines but adds automation.
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 33,560.00
NOW - ​R 24,800.00
Citoborma 290 B
The Citoborma 290B Double-spindle paper drilling machine is designed for heavy-duty use. Extremely reliable. Up to 60mm stack heights can be drilled.
1 Unit in stock​.
Was - R 97,180.00
NOW - R 82,600.00
Nagel Multinak FS (Demo Model)
The Multinak FS is a twin-headed stapler that staples booklets and pads up to
27 mm thick.
2 Units in stock​.
Was - R 72,960.00
NOW - R 58,400.00
Eurodrop Combo Promo
Polydrop is a highly versatile, low cost and easy to use doming system. There are two options for this combo, it consists of either the E36 or E33 system with the C80 Mixer and the FC1 Oven.
5 Units in stock​.
Was - R 41,610.00
NOW - ​R 27,500.00
Prices valid until the 15th of December 2016.
All machines come with full one-year factory guarantee. Subject to prior sale. E.&.O.E.


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