Securio B22 - Centralized office document shredder

Securio B22 - Centralized office document shredder


Model type

Strip cut


Cross cut

3.9 x 30

Security level 2 3
Cutting width 3.9mm 3.9mm
Particle length N/A 30mm
Capacity (70gsm) 16 - 18 12 - 14

HSM document shredders - Quality and Performance.

SECURIO - a totally new look for todays shredders. Document shredders have become an integral part of modern offices. Therefore, it is only appropriate that SECURIO shredders are totally state of the art in terms of their design, economic energy management (EMCS), absolute ease of operation use and low-noise in operation. These combined features produced a document shredder for the future office today.

High performance model for deskside use, for constant workloads. Shreds credit and store cards as well as CDs (details see below). Automatic start/stop control. On/off switch with integrated reversing function. Stops automatically when the waste container is full or has been removed. ZES (Zero Energy Standby) for zero power consumption. Filling level display through inspection window. Removable waste container. Made in Germany.

The advantages:

  • Specially hardened solid steel cutting rollers (V-groove V-TEK), unaffected by staples and paper clips
  • Motors are designed for continuous operation
  • Selection of different functions with a single control key: start, stop, temporary and permanent mode
  • Transparent front window allows quick and easy site of container capacity and level
  • Automatic reverse in the event of paper jam, “R” button to operate the reversing function
  • Large waste container extends the interval between emptying
  • Separate waste bags for paper and CDs allow waste separation

Recommended for:

  • Deskside use, to shred CD’s , paper and credit and store cards.

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Securio B22 - Centralized office document shredder

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