Rimo 1 Paper Jogger

Rimo 1 Paper Jogger

Paper joggers help save time and make your job easier by quickly squaring-up unorganized stacks of paper


If you work in an office environment, print or copy shop, production house, you probably deal with paper on a regular basis. This may involve stapling, paper folding, book binding, paper cutting and much more. One annoying thing about paper is that it gets jumbled quickly, whether from moving around, coming off the copy machine or printer. One tool that WILL make your life easier is a paper jogger.

Paper joggers are perfect for aligning uneven stacks of paper. Paper jogging machines also help keep stacks of paper organized. A paper jogger is perfect for preparing documents or papers for paper handling machines such as paper folders, inserters, and pressure sealers.

The Rimo 1 single-bin paper jogger with infinitely variable jogger vibration aligns and fluffs paper stacks up to DIN A 4 in upright position. This makes the Rimo 1 particularly suitable for heavier stock.

The Rimo 1 is a convenient table top unit with an adjustable separator.

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Rimo 1 Paper Jogger

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