Revolutionary Fastbind PUREVA



Revolutionary PUREVA







The future of PUR & EVA book binding

Fastbind PUREVA XT is the first and only economical PUR/EVA Perfect Binder for Hard and Soft Cover Book Binding.

Fastbind PUREVA XT makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the PUR quality with a remarkably low investment and cost. The ability to use one machine for all of your perfect binding needs is unrivaled. Thanks to its integrated casing-in system, PUREVA XT produces both soft and hard cover books for a more versatile product range. It also introduces a new interchangeable glue cartridge for easy PUR to EVA changes, a new PGO Microcut roughener and a new Fastbind Contact Roller that presses the glue into the paper grain.

PUREVA XT is especially designed for digitally printed hard or soft cover book production in small series.


·         Electronic adjustable temperature control with easy to use one button operation

·         New advanced PGO+ roughening unit for both PUR & EVA binding

·         Interchangeable and reusable glue cartridge (pat. pend.)

·         EVA cartridge needs no cleaning

·         PUR cartridge can be cleaned in just a few minutes

·         Inbuilt casing-in unit

·         PUR hard cover books along with soft cover books with just one machine.

·         Odorless closed glue tank. Machine equipped with fume extraction connection



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