Carton Banding Series BA 80/40-30

Carton Banding Series BA 80/40-30
A brilliant and robust design. That’s what characterises Bandall’s carton banding system. These high-quality products are the innovation in banding and bundling.





The Branding by Banding series offers:

  • Accurate labelling of your product
  • A choice of automatic operation or a hand/foot switch
  • Access to settings via touch screen
  • A variety of options such as a printer and bundle press
  • Channel widths to accommodate 28, 48, 75 and 100m bands
  • Operation from two sides
  • Adjustable product guides
  • Castors with brakes
  • Easy and accurate selection of band tensions
  • Stainless steel models

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Carton Banding Series BA 80/40-30

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