Free Standing Series BA 32-30

Free Standing Series BA 32-30
The Branding by banding series will boost the effect of your marketing communication. This high quality Bandall labelling equipment has a cutting edge positioning system. Eye catching labels (bands) will considerably increase selectability from the shelf. The possibilities for presentation are infinite and banding is significantly more economical and environmentally friendly than conventional labelling. Development and production of your band designs are in full consultation with your marketing department.

The Branding by Banding series offers:


  • Accurate labelling of your product
  • A choice of automatic operation or a hand/foot switch
  • Access to settings via touch screen
  • A variety of options such as a printer and bundle press
  • Channel widths to accommodate 28, 48, 75 and 100m bands
  • Operation from two sides
  • Adjustable product guides
  • Castors with brakes
  • Easy and accurate selection of band tensions
  • Stainless steel models

BA32-30 Specifications:

Maximum product height : 200
Maximum product width  : 320
Work height : 955
Height : 1270
Width : 600
Base depth : 500
Total height : 1505
Total Width : 840
Width of external reel holder : 220
Bundles (min) : 34

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Free Standing Series BA 32-30

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