Mectec Applications - Timber & Wood

Mectec Applications - Timber & Wood

Robust solutions for the wood industry

For a long time Mectec has worked with several customers in the timber and wood industry and is therefore well familiar with the industry's unique requirements and environment. The Mectec units are robust solutions with high reliability that can work in a tough environment.

We have solutions for labelling your

Wood board

Wood products




Standard solutions for industry



The solutions is a flexible "multi-purpose" Print&Apply solution that suits many applications within product- and package labelling.



A solution for automatic pallet labelling on 1 or 2 sides. P6000 has a reliable, safe and easy to use design, proven to give you 24 hours reliable labelling for many years to come - even in the most harsh industrial environments.

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Mectec Applications - Timber & Wood

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